Set Retour de Vacances

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Back from Holiday Body Kit: To help refine your figure and prolong your tan

Step 1
Scrub and prepare the skin - once or twice per week - for skin care
Shower Body Scrub:

When you are in the shower, mix Shower Body Scrub with a small amount of shower gel and massage all over the body, making small circular movements.

Step 2
Morning and/or evening - break down stored fat

Apply a thin layer of Silhouette using the large brush onto the areas to be treated. Leave to act for at least 7 minutes (and for as long as desired). Choose from rinsing the excess cream off or massaging it in to finish penetrating. In this case, wash your hands after massaging.

Step 3
Morning and/or evening - drain broken down fat while prolonging your tan
Tone & Tan:

Apply this product by massaging it in vigorously from top to bottom all over the body. Tone & Tan has no colourant and and therefore will not stain your clothes. However, don't forget to rinse your hands after applying it.

Set Retour de Vacances

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Set Retour de Vacances

Set Retour de Vacances
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