Karin Herzog History

Dr Paul Herzog, Swiss professor and scientist worldwide known, dedicated his whole career to the study of artificial respiration and oxygen benefits on human body. His work, for medical purposes, gave him the opportunity to understand its virtues. Like numbers of research doctors before him, he lives with the ambition of finding the solution to stabilize and fix the oxygen in an emulsion after he realized how much such formula would propose extraordinary curative virtues on the skin. Nonetheless, the difficulty is in the fact that it's a volatile element hard to conserve in a cream or any similar substance and, until then, nobody succeeded in fixing it.

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Active Oxygen Benefits

Oxygen is vital for us as it is as also the case for our skin: in fact, oxygen is present in the skin through bloodstream. Getting elder, its presence gets lower; therefore it is a proof of ageing. Not only does our skin need oxygen when getting older, oxygen also has many other amazing characteristics that make it the best ingredient one could imagine for skincare. It provides a deep cleanse, fights the bacteria building up in the skin and boosts certain molecules beneath the skin. Its effects are perceptible from the first application on, which distinguishes oxygen from all the other active ingredients, and the results on the skin are spectacular as well on the re-regulation and the health of the skin as on anti-aging.

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